How can i get the height of an object

The problem is that i’m using a raycast to detect when the player is in fron of a step of a stair but i don’t know how to get the height of each step i know that i can use the collider of the step to get the height but this way doesn’t work for me because the stair is a model that i exported from blender
Can someone help me
I’m sorry that my english isn’t like yours

Hello , the solution is here :




The easiest way would be to place a primitive collider over each step and pick up its bounds to find the height. Not optimum but quite easy.

float GetStepHeight()
                 RaycastHit hit;
                 if(Raycast (...,out hit,...){
                          if(hit.collider.tag == "Step")  //some way to check if it is a step or use name or make use of Layer masks and remove this
                                     return hit.collider.bounds.size.y;
          return -1; //some default value in case the raycast does not hit a step collider

PS: Render.Bounds will give the bounds of the whole model not a single step.