How Can I Get The Pants to Not Move?

Hello, I have a simple problem, that may be fixable. I have this 3D model of a creature, and he wears a cloth, for his pants, and its all on fine, but when i start the game, it goes to a different location(pops off), any idea how i can fix that? Pics below...

Scene View

Game View

2nd picture is what happens, in game view.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

Are the pants a separate model with their own skeleton? If so you'll need to combine the meshes so the body and pants stay synced.

See this thread for a great way to do that.

PS. The title of this question wins today's prize.

Jak, this is what the hierarchy looks like... Awesome

BTW, how, and what did you use to create this? is it someone elses that u downloaded? That might be the problem?

IDK how, but what I do know, is that is one good model!! Nice =] =P