How can I get two capsule colliders on the same tree prefab?

I am trying to make my trees so they cannot be clipped through at all, but I still want the player to “touch” the tree. I figured out how to make the player unable to move through the trunk of the tree, but I cannot make it so they collide with the branches. Now, if I make it so they cannot collide with the branches first, the player is able to move through the trunk without a problem. The tree has the colliders for both, but only the one I added first actually works. Is there a way to make it so both works or even better yet, a totally different and more realistic way of going about this?

Create new objects with collider within the tree hierarchy, so you’ll have as many colliders as you like. Or eventually you could use Mesh Collider attached to objects that have a mesh renderer.

I’ve just done a test in a scene of mine and what you say in your post seems to be true. If I create a tree prefab with two colliders and place this on my scene then they both work as expected. If I then add this prefab to the terrain trees and paint one or more onto my terrain only one of the two colliders on each tree painted works(the first one added). Maybe this is something deliberate about how the terrain system works, I know that the mesh objects that are used within it have to be one whole mesh or you get errors there too…

Edit : Note that you did not mention terrains in your post, so it is my best guess that this is the problem that you are talking about. If it were not for this then what @SkaredCreations says is absolutely right.

Edit 2 : I would think that using Mesh Colliders on trees is probably not a great idea.