how can i get weight that the rigidbody's gravity is aplying to an object

hello everyone, as the question says i requre to know how to get the current gravity push on a certain object. i am prety sure it something like g force * mass, but i have no idea on how to get the g force

Are you asking for this: Vector3(0,-9.81,0)

Game engine gravity ignores weight, and doesn’t apply a force. It merely increases velocity (accelerates,) by 9.8 each second.

Of course, for real, gravity does exert a force, proportional to mass, which gives heavier objects more energy. But then divided by mass to get acceleration – mass cancels out. In a game engine, it’s simpler to skip force and focus on speed. The only time the physics engine looks at mass and bothers with force is when two moving objects hit each other (well, maybe for drag, maybe, and in 2 out of 4 versions of AddForce.)