How can I give the camera subtle motion when still?

I want an effect where the main camera in my scene moves slightly around behind the player when it would be otherwise still. I’m not exactly sure what I would call it, so I’m having a hard time finding any info. Any thoughts?

I’ve been working on a script like that for the Asset Store. But its not hard to get the basic ‘handheld’; effect. Just move the camera slightly in the Update function a small distance from its ‘true’ position. You might want to make the camera a child of another object, and make the true position that of the parent object, then you can just move the camera (localPosition) slightly between -.1 and +.1 on any axis, for example. You could even use the Animation Editor to do that.

For $10 you can grab the CameraShake scripting plugin from the Asset Store

You can use iTween (it is free). There are ShakePosition and ShakeRotation Methods. Just shake your camera slowly, maybe with some easing and/or looping.