How can I have a circle outline that is always 1px thick regardless of its radius?


I have this circle image that will be the user’s cursor icon.
It will size up and down depending on the value of a slider.

When the size increases, the thickness of the outline will also increase.
When it decreases, the thickness decreases.

How can I keep the thickness of the outline at 1px at all times?

I think you explained yourself very bad, from what I’ve understood, you can import a circle with just the border of one pixel, you can set the margins using the Sprite Editor { left: imageWidht / 2, right: imageWidht / 2, bottom: imageHeight / 2, top: imageHeight / 2 }, and then you have to set the Image Type’s setting of the Image component to sliced.
All of this is done with 0 lines of code.

You can’t edit a picture like the way you want via script, but you can however do that with shader graph, inside the shader graph create a Fresnel node, use a Lerp node to remove the smooth shade and make it a hard line instead, create a variable to control the power of the Fresnel, and that variable is something you can control from a script.