How can I have Sprites that move/display on a curved surface?

I am trying to have a curved screen in my game where you can play games (simple pixelart games).
I thought I would have my sprites (that are not currently displayed ON the screen; they are just GameObjects that sit and display slightly in front of the screen) rotate whenever they move to be planar to the curved screen. But I also have a big Sprite that is a sort of world map, that takes up most of the width of the screen. If I put it in front of the curved screen it really shows… So now I’m looking for a way to have my Sprites actually display on that curved screen and follow its path, or some other way to achieve what I am trying to do. (Before you ask: Yes, it has to be a curved screen, as it corresponds to a real world location :/)

If someone finds this and wants to achieve something similar: I’m now using a RenderTexture and a second camera to have the the texture with my sprites display on the curved surface. Just use a Texture as the render target for the second camera (and possibly change its culling mask so it only sees the objects you need it to see) and use that texture as the main texture for your surface.