How can I have the ability to die as well as win the game at the same time?

Alright, so, I have a bug in my game currently, where I can only either win, or only die. I can’t have both. I know why it does this, I have a script that is OnDestroyLoadScene, and the scene it loads is my game over scene. To win my game, you must pick up a certain amount of stones off the ground. After that, it’s supposed to take you to the You Won Scene. But in doing that, it destroys everything in the current scene, and because of that it just takes me to my game over scene. Does anyone know of a workaround for this?

Hi, there are different ways you ask for help here. You can ask for solving an issue with a script (sharing some code) or a problem with the editor.
And you can also ask for advice in regards to architecture and implementation of mechanics.

I’m saying this, as without some code, we can’t really help you here.
Although, I would advise not to use different scenes for “you won” and “you lose” screens. I rather have some deactivated objects that you then activate when you win/lose/pause/exit etc.