How can I identify a non-uniform scaled mesh, and fix it?

Uhhmm sorry Unity Heads I forgot to include the code for rotation ;) ,now I have and also a link to a UnityProject with a Problem Demo(see below)!

I have problems with a rotation on an imported mesh in a deep child structure.

A parented mesh should rotate with its parent but keeps facing up the Y Axis, I do this by having a simple script like...

function Update(){ 
transform.up = Vector3.up; 

...and the code for the rotation is:

function Update(){

...this is no problem the rotation works like it should, but the position of the child is changing in an unwanted manner(not holding parents position).If I remove the script the position is where it should.

So I swapped myMesh with a standard Unity Cylinder, and the position problem disapears. My first thought was it is a non-uniform scaled mesh, and I exported it again.

Same problem with the position, then I checked(more than once)...

  • Pivotpoints
  • MeshScale
  • Different exportformat(.obj, .fbx)
  • put mesh in an emty GameObject

...with no effect.

If it is a non-uniform scaled mesh how can I 100% identify it, or what could it else be?

I build a little project to demonstrate the problem.

The project has two Scenes one with MyMesh where the problem occurs(MyProblemScene), and a Scene with a UnityMesh(MyWorkingScene).The rotation is done via Left Mouse Button.

Download the project: Fast Files - Free File Hosting

File Name: RotationTest.rar

File Description: Unity3 3ProblemDemo

File Size: 157.77 KB

The Autodesk FBX Converter fixed my rotation problem, I had never bevore such problems with my imported meshes in Unity. In this forumpost I found the answer.

For all with the same problem check out the FBX converter :