How can I implement "3D voxel digging"?

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I’ve been searching for a while but I can’t find any tutorials or explainations of how it’s done. Would be grateful for answers :slight_smile:

GitHub - Eldemarkki/Marching-Cubes-Terrain: Marching Cubes terrain implementation in Unity using the Job System and the Burst compiler

(code not mine),try using this: Unity C# Marching Cubes voxel terrain [Open Source] - YouTube

search for marching cubes science papers (either cs or sometimes it’s in medical topology) and using that you can construct meshes. if you make a large 3D array of these marching cubes, you can create smaller meshes each drawing a small section of the whole. when you apply “pressure” to a point in space (the way they do in the example you provided) you can calculate the distance of all surrounding mesh sections and update their mesh data (you’ll understand what it means when you read the papers)