How can I implement AdMob ads into a specific Unity Scene in XCode?

I was unable to implement the ads through Unity into XCode as I keep experiencing Linker errors even after trying every possible fix.

So now I am looking at implementing the ads within XCode itself. However, I want to implement the ads so that they only appear in a single scene as ported from Unity. I am wondering how I can access this scene within XCode so that I can add the code for the ads to appear for this scene only.

I have managed to get my app working on Android but like I said, am having issues building in XCode. My unity project contains a plugin that creates the admob banner view and whatnot but when that is included XCode throws Linker errors. So I want to find a work around where I can just add the ads in XCode but only for a certain scene.

Any help is greatly appreciated, cheers!

I have no idea what XCode is, but there’s this, and it doesn’t require you trying to get two things to work together so it’s instant win in my book.

You don’t need to do it through XCode. At least i haven’t. At least most plugins have functions you access from within scenes. That’s how i added admob ads to my ios game.

Hey its true u dont need xcode for admob , if you have dev’ ur game in unity3d u can directly add admob , there are few plugins available that u can add to scene to add admob
i cant find its link right now but if u want pm me i ll hook u up one.