How can I import morph data in unity and link it with text box in unity

I have made different head sizes in 3D max, like head of size 54 cm to 59 cm and i have made a head as my base head and linked all the heads with the base head through morphing in 3D max. I want to import this morphed data in unity. I have found it can be done through megafiers is there any other way its my msc final project and i want to find a way of doing it on my own. Then i want to make a text box in which i input the head size and it shows converts the base head to the inputted head size. please help me i have less time left.

You can use MorphTargets script in UnityWiki scripts section. Keep in mind that all your models have to have same amount of tris. So if you didnt unwraped base model first and later you do this, it will be messed up.

If you don’t want to spend the time writing your own, or trying to the wiki one to work and not have smoothing problems you can use my MegaFiers system, it has an exporter for Max, Maya and Blender and in max controlling the morph values is very very simple. 3ds Max Morph animations exported to Unity with MegaFiers - YouTube