How can I in-script create gameobject from prefab?

Most important is link gameobject to prefab. When I use AssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath() this really create gameobject with prefab structure, but in Hierarchy tab its not blue like gameobject created manually from prefab.

I dont need Runtime support, only Editor. The game is not running.

I’m creating an editor for the scene builder in my project and I do not want to drag each time a lot of prefabs to the editor manually. Whether it is possible to do without dragging prefabs?

When I say “blue gameobject” I mean 68029-prefab.png

I believe the blue text is to show that the instance of the object in the scene can interact with the prefab in the inspector:


If you are instantiating objects from a prefab they only exist whilst the game is running and changes to them cannot be applied to the prefab.

I often just find it easiest to declare the prefab as a public GameObject in the script and then drag the prefab from the Project files onto the inspector.

Well i dont really think i understand what you’re going for here, but Instantiate(objectName, SpawnpointName.transform.position,Quaternion.Identity)

Work best if you want to spawn a GAMEOBJECT from a PREFAB into a scene at runtime.