How can I include a transparent border on a sprite material?

Hi! I’m trying to make a chain using line renderers.

I have made a sprite for a single chain link. I am tiling this chain link sprite along the line renderer. Then I have a second line renderer that does the same thing except it’s rotated. I want the tiled chain link sprites to be separated slightly. So, on the chain link sprite, I have a transparent border. I was hoping that this transparent border would be included on the sprite that is tiled on the line renderer. It is not. which is causing the chain links to look like they are too close together. See the image.

It may be hard to distinct the two line renderers so here is an image showing what just one of them looks like:

If it is not possible to include the transparent border, is there a way to add a spacing between sprites when tiling them?

Thank you!

Also, I’m using URP if that matters!

Actually the transparent border was included, the sprite was just sideways.