How can I instantiate an object without using Unity?

So I’ve gotten the “the thing you want to instantiate is null error” one too many times and I’m stuck. I already know that if I go into the Unity GUI and go and drag the right object type into the public variable i create, voila it works…

What I don’t know is why?? Why can’t I just make it a private variable and instantiate the object using code? There has to be a way to do this, but I can’t figure it out.

Why doesn’t this work without the whole drag and drop routine…BUT it does work if i drag a WackAMole onto the public WackAMole object in my Annoying script…

public class WackAMole : MonoBehaviour {	
       public string FMe = "go jump off a bridge"
public class Annoying: MonoBehaviour {	
	public WackAMole wacky;
	private void Start () {
		wacky = (WackAMole)Instantiate(wacky);

You could try the following if you wanted (I’m writing in c# you’d have to look up the js equivalent if you’re working with that).

private myGameObject = Resources.Load(“myObjectName”) as GameObject;

For this to work in your game hierarchy you’d need to make a folder called Resources and move the GameObject into that folder and it should work.

The reason just creating a GameObject variable doesn’t work is that you aren’t referencing it in any way.