How can I instantiate animations (in 2D)?

I need to instantiate an animation, I have no problems instantiating other
objects, but the animation just doesnt appear in the game when I put a vector
in the instantiation.

//this makes the explosion animation appear, but not where I want it

//this makes the instantiation, but the explosion animation doesnt appear at all
 Instantiate(explosion_prefab,Vector3(0, 0,3), Quaternion.identity);

I want the instantiation to be over an object (no problems with that), the problem is just that the animation doesnt appear giving it a vector and rotation.

I appreciate any help in advance.

First, try new Vector3(0, 0, 3).

Second, make sure your camera’s Z and range are so that the explosion is not behind it, or too far.

Third, though I can’t think of any reason this would be required, you can try instantiating normally (the first option) and then setting the position:

Transform explotion = Instantiate(explotion_prefab) as Transform;
explotion.position = new Vector3(0, 0, 3);