how can I interact and make an object go disappear


I have designed a 3rd person mobile(Android) game and every thing is fine except one thing.
There are multiple hidden objects in the game and I want them to disappear after my character find them and interacts with them.
I have also added an Interact button so the player can touch it.
what I have problem with is the interaction and disappearance.
I don’t know how to make my character interact with an object and as the result the object disappear by touching the interaction button I have created.

Thanks for your help.

The interact button could have a trigger collider to know whether your close enough to the button. To make a object disappear you can either disable the object so you can re-use it or you can destroy. To disable “this.gameobject.SetActive(false);” to destroy Destroy(this.gameobject);

These links will provide you with information you need to create what you want.