How can i jump my character immediately With Mecanim

I have a run and a jump animation. when i set a good looking transition it waits the end of run to jump, so it is not responsive. How can i setup a jump animation that can run immediately and have good looking transition?

Have you looked at BlendTrees?

Seems to me you want a smooth transition from run to jump and back. If I’m not mistaken you can do a blend between them using the speed and a key or sth as the trigger for the transition to jump.

Official BlendTree tutorial

What you are asking is possible.

You just need to click on your transition, and uncheck has exit time.


@npatch @PictonicStudio My major problem is delay. if there is delay after jump button is tapped, character will crash to an obstacle. For smooth transition, timing is important. Jump starts with the left foot. if player tap jump button when running is on the right foot smooth transition is not easy. maybe i can use mirrored states and check state’s normalized time.