How can I keep a global score updatable from multiple GameObjects

I want to have a scoreboard in my game - and lots of different events in game will adjust this scoreboard. As such it feels like I need a static score variable that is accessible by lots of other Scripts. I am struggling to find the context of this other Script.

I have tried lots of things including:

Making a ScoreHandler empty GameObject - giving it a GUIText and a new script called Data, which has a public int called Score, however no matter what I do - I cannot seem to adjust this Score int from other GameObject scripts!

I am probably just missing an understanding trick here as I am very new to Unity but I would love to know your thoughts.

The answer I settled for with the aid of a helpful friend was to simply have a DataManager C# singleton class which could be accessed (as long as I right click resolved the class ) globally by all other classes. Clean. Simple. Thx to my friend!