How can i Learn Basics of Rain AI

Greetings ,

I try to make my enemy stand in idle and when player gets insight then play run animation and go near to player and with making a specific distance then stop and attack , and when it’s attacking arm trigger collide with my player then cause damage to player , or when player shoots bullet to enemy and enemy collide with bullet play a simple animation and destroy with some particle effects , that’s all .

I used nav mesh agent and trying to make own ai ref. script , well i probably done that and nav mesh agent have problems , i described in previous question. Someone suggests me to use Rain AI and says it’s very easy , But there are not any basic start tutorials about rain ai , not even on there own website ,Rival Theory just post tutorials of advance or example work ,

I can’t able to move my enemy and use animations , i don’t know about behavior tree and dont know how to use them properly ,

Is there any good tutorial about Rain AI to understand it’s work with basics , i am getting too late to complete my 2nd project , hope it will make my game development easier .
Thanks .

There are a few rain community members that have created tutorials.
is the link for the first must see video. Watch all four and you should have everything you were looking for.
Good Luck.