How can i learn JavaScript (UnityScript) ?

Hello, My name is Jesper and I really wanna learn JavaScript for Unity I really have no idea on how and where to learn JavaScript for Unity i have no previous experience in any scripting or programming language this the first i wanna learn and i have hard learning It I can’t understand when or how to use all those functions and everything It’s really hard but it will be fantastic if someone could tell me where there is any easy website to learn JavaScript for Unity I wanna make my own stuff.

Sincerely Jesper :slight_smile:

This person was my lecturer at University. His tutorials (if you follow them correctly and in order) should be of great help. A simple google search would have brought this website up.

Good Luck.

If you have no programming experience at all, I would suggest doing a basic C tutorial first. UnityScript is easier, but you will understand much more about what’s happening “behind the scenes” if you have at least some experience with C.

Google C tutorials, do that for a week, and come back with new questions!

Try to learn Javascript