How can i learn unity c# script step by step?????

I have been having trouble in learning c# script since i didn't find any good tutorials on c# where the lessons are given step by step......I was wondering if anyone could give me any good link of unity c# tutorials or and book reference......

Your best bet is google. Let’s say you;re writing a script for…Stopping time? You know your basic methods but you don’t know how to actually stop time, just google, “Unity how to stop time” and you’ll get the API for Time.timeScale.

Now that you have your knowledge you can make your script.

Since C# is used quite different in Unity than if used on it’s own, you should stick to tutorials that refer to Unity. From the point you understand it enough, you can extend your knowledge, but that will come on it’s own once you get the hang of it.

This should be your number 1 learning resource:


Learn about programming from scratch, then progress to create detailed code for your projects
The intention of this section is not to teach you how to write script code from scratch, but rather to explain the main concepts that apply to scripting in Unity.


Manual Scripting Section Manual Scripting