How can I learn Unity?

Hi guys. I need to learn Unity fast, but I am really confused. I have tried downloading few samples but that doesn't really help. I don't know where I should start.

Additional info:

  • I can code. I know linear and object oriented. Usually I use java.
  • I can make games. Usually I use flash with ActionScript 3.0
  • I have tried making 3d games a bit with simpler software like DXStudio last year, although it's barely called a game.
  • I know 3D a bit ( like shaders, texture, model and rigging, although it's only the basics )

I just want to make a small prototype, so maybe it's not that hard. However, I think I need to know the basic Unity workflow and learning paths to get started fast.

Thank you Guys. I really need your help.

Well it's very easy to find some tutorial with unity with google. You can find a lot of information too with twitter searching #unity3d

Some book you can buy :

And a lot of video on youtube are talking about unity.

If you like video training my favorite sites are :

Hope it's help

Thank you buntu!It’s help so much!