How can I limit my app to specific orientations?

There are questions around here about how to check what orientation is currently in effect, but I’m having trouble controlling the orientation.

In my case, my app is doing funny things by rotating in all portrait and landscape modes when the device is turned. In the XCode build, I’ve been going through AppController .mm and tweaking multiple settings around portrait mode. Nothing has worked to limit the app to landscape modes only.

How can I limit my app to landscape modes only?

This behavior happens when I add my own SDK to the app. Without my SDK, the app only respects landscape modes.

I would have thought that changing code at the AppController. mm level would be the end-all, even despite settings in my SDK. I’m asking here, now, to understand why I can’t override the orientation settings in code. Ideas?


edit ps. there’s another way:


Lots of information toward an answer has been discovered through a discussion at Reddit.