how can i load different videos using one scene

I have been workinbg on my project which involves more than 40 scenes and they will only increase. the idea behind each scene is to display a vr video and durng the video some quiz questions will pop up.
i have a question canvas, a score canvas, audio sources in each scene. each pf these scenes has a quiz manager game object to which its script is attached
however i am experiencing errors with building now… dont know if its got to do with the number of scenes or something else.
anyone got any clue how can i go about loading these videos based on some ids instead of having so many scenes. I just want to use one scene and may be based on the video selected by the user, the particular video loads, and all the other objects, the video sphere, audio sources if required, the game object script to be assigned at run time.
any tutorial or any other source of information on this?

You can load videos by their URL. Documentation is a good place to start:

If you post the error you get while building people can try and understand what’s going on.