How can I locate a TextArea on a surface of a object?

Hi I'm new to unity3d and I'm workin on a project about a 3D BOOK model scene

I use TextArea to display my text and what I want to do is to locate my TextArea to attach to the my book model exactly on its surface page

could anyone help me about this ?

thank you so much .

TextArea is inherently 2D as part of OnGUI, so there isn't a way to do that. You'd have to use some other method. Ideally you'd want to create the text as a texture and apply that to the page. Probably the simplest way to do that is to make it in Photoshop or similar. A more space-efficient way would be to use a GUIText object and a rendertexture to create the texture at run-time, though you'd have to word-wrap manually or find some way to do it by code, and rendertextures require Unity Pro.