How can i loop my animation clip?

Hello! I have a problem that is real annoying. I can’t change the clip to loop like i would normally do, it’s grey in the inspector and i can’t change anything. Is there a way to get around this with scripting? I have a picture here that shows the problem:


I would love to have some help with this, as it is driving me crazy. It just plays the animation once and then freezes my character.

Thanks in advance

… I found out myself, was to quick to write a question, though, i got another problem now. I wrote it in a new question, if you would be so kind and maybe look at it, i would be very grateful. I just made my animation loop, but now my character walks through all colliders? - Unity Answers

You have imported your animation using the @ naming convention it seems. The wrapmode is then located at the top object. Click on your vincent@zombie_running_1 object in the project view and go to the Animations tab at the top. The wrapmode to change should now be at the bottom of that page.