How can I make 3D waves in Unity?

I am trying to make 3D waves that you would normally see at the beach. Big waves that crash and could be “surfable” not just a wave that has no form. I want it to look like this sample image. That is what I am aiming for, is there a way to simulate/replicate that?



Does anyone know of any Wave Starter Kits? How did they make those waves in Kelly Slater? It can’t be that hard to recreate them can it?

In can I make them in blender? It’s another 3d modelling program, are there any tutorials on how to make waves in those programs? Can you post the link if u find a video of it.

Looks like the MegaFiers system has added a modifier that can do waves MegaFiers - Bezier Attractor - YouTube

Here are the steps I took to replicate crashing ocean waves.

  1. I downloaded this 3d wave model from maya.
    Wave Pro 1.5 3D Model

  2. I then exported control vertices for the wave nurbs control splines into unity

  3. Next use this bezier surface script on the vertices

  4. Here are my results so far:
    - YouTube