how can i make a ball bounce when i click on it

Hey everyone!
Im new to the forum and this is also my first post. :slight_smile:
I need a help.
Can anyone please tell me how can i make my ball(sphere) jump when i click on it.?
there are many games i m talking about on android where u don’t have to fall the ball u have to keep it up by clicking on it and when u click u get 1 point for 1 click.
Please help and a tutorial on youtube or a description here would be very appreciated
Thanks in advance!

In theory, for every click you need to add height[translate up] to your ball, and keep decreasing the height every frame[so that the ball keeps falling if not clicked on].

If you use physics[gravity(Rigidbody)] then add force upwards for every click, gravity will get the ball down automatically.