How can I make a button look like an image or invisible.


I would like to know how to make a button either:
Invisible (but still have it function) or Look like an image.

Unity 2d webplayer is what I am making the game in/for.

I am recently new to unity so a clear instruction would be helpful.

At the moment I have a button that just works as a button. For example purposes I have made it go to a random level.

@script ExecuteInEditMode()
var gSkin : GUISkin;
var backdrop : Texture2D;

function OnGUI()
if(gSkin) = gSkin;
var backgroundStyle : GUIStyle = new GUIStyle();

backgroundStyle.normal.background = backdrop;
GUI.Label( Rect((Screen.width - (Screen.height *2)) *0.75,0,Screen.height * 2,
Screen.height),"", backgroundStyle);

if (GUI.Button( Rect((Screen.width/2) - 120, Screen.height - 425,235,50), "Achievements"))
	isLoading = true;

Thanks in advance.
And feel free to ask more questions.


A simplest transparent button would be with a default “label” style.

if (GUI.Button( Rect((Screen.width/2) - 120, Screen.height - 425,235,50), "Achievements", "label")) {

The simplest to put a texture over it - I guess - could be with