How can I make a Button's OnClick() list shorter?


is there any way to make it quicker this button thing?
I have multiple gameobjects that they have same script. But I have to add all of them to button On Click() list to activate them seperately.
For example: I have letters seperately using same script. player is selecting the letter. Lets say “A” and “B” is the selected letter. When player click “try” button “A” and “B” is shaking because thats not the true word. but the other letters on the scene is not shaking. I managed this situation by adding all the letters seperately in same button as you see in the ScreenShot.
But I am asking that can I make it easier?

(I am using same method for a delete button. It makes so hard to create new levels , taking too much time on this way.

I don’t think it is possible to make the list shorter in the inspector (or maybe creating custom editor classes). But I wonder if there’s a good reason for you to want to make it through the inspector and not through script. Your harfclick script could register itself to the event of the button like this:

public class harfclick : MonoBehaviour
	public Button tryButton;

	public void Start()

	private void ShakeMe()
		// this is called when the button is clicked