How can I make a Character Controller collide with a Rigidbody or another Character Controller

I have been trying to create my first game, completely with blocks as it is very simple, but I have ran into a major problem with my Character Controller on my player game object. I have a wall of small cubes which can be knocked over by moving into them with the player game object (which is just a simple cube) but for some reason the wall is only knocked down when the player has a Rigidbody component yet does not knock the wall down when the player has a Character Controller component attached instead. I need to use a character controller because it makes scripting my player game objects behaviour much easier to code and works a lot better. Also, I found it would be easier to use a character controller on my enemy game objects too but the player will not collide with them either. They will not even collide with each other.

If anybody knows how to fix both these problems it would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Tommy Eaves

You need to create the “wall knocking down effect” yourself when using a CC. When it comes into contact with the wall, apply force to it. Search for “how to make a CharacterController push things”, there are several instructions for this, including one in the Unity User Manual.

CCs’ should collide with one another; Check if they all have non-trigger colliders, and if their layers are set to register collisions under Settings->Physics.