How can I make a endless background?

Hello agian (as always)! I've been thinking about making my background, wich is just a bunch of walls/cubes, to go up but, I also don't want to make a bunch of walls/cubes and I wan't it to seem endless though. So how should I do this?

Use a skybox, it's what it's for.

To create a simple endless-looking background:

  • use seamless texture(space background) or gradient scenery (days/dawn/night).
  • create 2 planes, apply the seamless or the first 2 textures of your gradient scenery.
  • place the planes side-to-side on the desired axis.
  • make the planes slides through the screen in the desired direction, or not.
  • when a plane is out-of-view, re-instantiate it to the opposite side.
    • if using a gradient scenery, change the texture accordingly, or use a timer.

2 planes == neverending background.

You can even stack a few of these sliding-background at various speed and alpha-blending (transparency thingy). I've used it before, I liked it. Maybe that'll save someone some time.