How can I make a game object follow an instantiated game object?

The main issue I am trying to resolve is that textures are stretching over a sphere a little poorly. I am going to have a plane represent the sphere, turn off the sphere’s render and have the plane follow the sphere around without any collision.

Is there a way to make the plane act as a child and follow the instantiated game object around?

Appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

If you want something like a child, just make it a child. That is set the Transform.parent of the plane to the transform of the sphere. I don’t know how your game is constructed, but in the Start() for the sphere you can do something like:

GameObject go = GameObject.Find("Plane");
go.transform.parent = transform;

You could also do it the other way around. Have the sphere set its transform to a public variable on a script attached to the plane. The plane script might look like:

public Transform toFollow = null;

void Update() {
    if (toFollow != null)
        transform.position = toFollow.position;

The parent/child follows position, rotation, and scale. The second solution only follows the position, though it could be augmented to follow other properties.