How can I make a gameobject partially invisible by distance?

Hello everyone. I am a new on Unity, and I am trying to make a gameobject partially invisible when the portion of it is nearer than a threshold distance and partially visible when the part of it is further than the threshold distance.
Could you give me any clues? Thanks everyone.

Might be a bit basic for the effect you’re trying to achieve but you could modify your camera’s far clipping plane? In the camera’s inspector there will be near and far values, set the far value to your threshold and this will only then render up to that distance.

If you have objects in the background that need to be seen then you’ll have to setup two cameras, each rendering to the same display but with different culling masks for the layers viewable at different distances.

If this looks/sounds promising then let me know if you need any clarification or help with setting this up :slight_smile:

You could also use the LOD system by Unity and set the second layer of detail to a mesh without any triangles and vertices so it is practically invisible. Then, when you get closer, the visible mesh appears. @dyhan113 if you wanted.