How can I make a Grapple Gun work with the Character Controller?

I have made a Prototype for my game in Unity. In it, I am trying to create a Grapple Gun, I’ve managed to work out the Raycasting and Springjoints, but when I run the Game, the hit point is set as the Connected Body, but there is no effect on the player.

Here is the link to the project:

The Grappler Object has a Rigibody on it, however, when I ran the game, the Grapple Gun would simply fly away randomly (To test this, remove the position constraints on the Rigidbody of the Grapple Gun). As a result, I had to put constraints on the gun to keep it from flying off.

I think you mean raycasting, not raytracing, two totally different, unrelated concepts. You would need to write your own physics. OR you could just use Unity’s built in physics, and not use the character controller like this