how can i make a joint like this in unity?

I have a project where i need bending joints, that return to their original place when they’re let go. like those 80s toys where you had soccer players stuck to the ground and you bend them to send the ball forward… it’s like a ball and joint with a spring that returns to its original 0 degrees when allowed. it’s not moving, just rotating. i guess it’s a configurable joint, but i’ve been trying for a really long time to tweak it and i can’t get it to work… can anyone help?
thank you :slight_smile:

I did this awhile back as part of an experiment in creating a flexible rod using configurable joints, so I know it’s doable. But I don’t remember the settings. As a starting point you might take a look at the hinge joint tutorial here:

If I remember correctly, in this video they use the motor settings to create a door that drives itself back into place.

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