How can i make a parabolic jump while jumping between walls. I have to jump between walls while tapping just space bar button and player should jump between walls going higher and higher.

// detecting that my player is stick to wall and slightly sliding down…
if (isWallSliding && hoppingWallCheckHit && !isGrounded)
//now when I press spce button player should jump from one wall to another…
if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.Space))
//what should i write here to make a parabolic jump for my player???


For a good parabolic trajectory, you need to apply a movement to the object. This movement must have at least 2 components.

One component of the vecotr must change constant over time, i mean move same amout of distance every frame.

The second component must follow a mathf.sin value.

Check this tutorail Titled: Moving Object Along A Parabola - Unity Tutorial