How can I make a rapid shooting look good with an animation of a single shot?

Hello there hansome people!

Im tring to make a simple FPS game. I made a script that shoots phisical bullets.
I have my targets, models and a nice shooting range map. I allsow made animations for the targets and HUD gun, wich work fine.

I have a problem animating my arm cannon gun. The models move with the camera and bullet spawner, but it doesn’t look right when you try to shoot in series. I managed to replicate shooting style of Metroid Prime games, the scripts does a great job at that. When I shoot in series, the shoot animation plays after the first shot, but then the animation neeeds to end and then go back to idle. Only then can I trigger it agein. My animations are layed out in the animatior like this:

Entry->takeOutTheGun → idle< → shoot

What I whant is for shoot to be Interruptyble by itself or for it to start from begining.
Transitions form idle to shoot are controlled by a bool value.

Any ideas?
Please Help <:(

Haven’t tested, but I think you can use the Any State and transition from the Any State to your Shooting Animation State with a Trigger. Then you transition from your Shoot State back to Idle on exit time.

Something like this:
Any State → (Shoot Trigger) → Shooting → Idle