How can I make a timer follow the format 00:00 (Minutes, Seconds)


I am making a timer for my game, and I want it to follow the format of 00:00.

The code I am using means that 5m 4s, or similar, comes up as 5:4, and I want it to come up as 05:04.
If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!

void Update () {
    float t = Time.time - StartTime;
    string minutes = ((int)t / 60).ToString();
    string seconds = (t % 60).ToString("f0");

    TimerText.text = minutes + ":" + seconds;


Timer.text = string.Format(“{0:0}:{1:00}s”,minutes,seconds);

should do it I think.

the first 0, before the :, is the first argument you pass after the string (ie: minutes). The second 0, after the :, is a formatting tool saying this can only be one integer into a string here. The first integer being the only integer you want, this works.

is similar, but gets the second argument and gets the first two integer chars.

You can also pass your arguments as an array if you have many.

void Update () {
     float t = Time.time - StartTime;
     float minutes = (t / 60);
     float seconds = (t % 60);
     Timer.text = string.Format("{0:00}:{1:00}",minutes,seconds);

Sorry, but it doesn’t work. It just adds milliseconds and an ‘S’ on the end, neither of which I want :frowning:
Thanks for trying though