How can I make a Unreal Engine Example Project third preson player controller?

I have recently moved over from UE4 to Unity and I’m trying to learn how to make a nice third person controller. I am aiming for something similar to inFamous: Second Son or Batman: Arkham Knight kind of controller.
Basically I want the camera to orbit around the player, when the player is not moving (which I have already done) and if the user presses W, A, S or D, the character has to rotate towards the input (if the users presses D the player has to rotate to the right, if he presses A - to the left, W - forward and S - back) and then move forward.
Right now my problem is, that the player moves sideways when I press A or D instead of doing what I previously described.
Also it would be great if the player was moving using it’s Rigidbody instead of Transform.
I’d really appreciate your help.

You need to make your movement Camera Relative, in that regard, if you control system depends on camera facing direction. You just need to find the angle difference around y axis and compensate for it in the controls.