how can i make a wall with Shrink part of wall capability?

hi dear , how can i make a wall with Shrink part of wall ?

see to images

shrink part of wall

When the object hits the wall, the wall is crushed

You can change the scale of the whole wall if you like (with GameObject.transform.localScale). But you can’t shrink (or deform) just PART of the wall without getting into some really detailed mesh deformation.

Creating a destructable environment is HARD. That is one of the reasons games don’t often do it.

If you really wanted a destructable wall, you would either make it out of a large number of small wall sections (so you could shrink or change the model on just one small ‘piece’ of the wall to create a hole)… or you would have to go into the Mesh object and make changes to the vertices of the mesh itself, which is complex.

There MIGHT be something on the Asset Store to help, but it’s a very complicated process.