How can I make an all-black screen for one second?

I have a scene with many gameObjects diplayed.

I want to make the scene pitch black for 1 second, with only one object being drawn.
I’m trying to simulate switching the light off, and then come back to normal lighting 1 second later.

But since there are many objects in my scene, disabling and re-enabling all gameObjects but one doesn’t seem to be the best way to do it.

What would be the best way? Do I have to modify the camera component for 1 second?


I have this wrong feeling that no one who answered before read your question carefully :slight_smile:

Try using this →

You will probably need two cameras, One only displays selective layer, and has black background, on that moment you change layer of the object u want to keep to the one that camera shows, disable the normal camera. After 1 second bring everything back. Should work in theory