How can i make an object (a cube) change the surface or plan of the game?

Hello everyone, i have a problem and hope you help me please

Ich have a cube or a sphere o. The sphere moves only between the surfaces (1), (2), (3) , (4) (over surface 1, under surface 2, over surface 3 and under surface 4). At the start the cube has already a speed. That means it moves from the left to the right automatically, and when the user touch the screen, the object slide (or jump) to the other surface, from (1) to (2), then (2) to (3), (3) to (4) and so on, and only between them and not over(surface 2 and 4)

     o    (1)                                                                =================

Please help me this to realize that

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Well, you could write something that ignores colliders if ninja is below platform and enables them if he is above.