How can I make an object "teleport" on top of another object?

Hi, I’m really new to all of this so I’m not even sure what the correct terminology for the question is.

alt text

So I’m trying to make this backpack move along this trail by teleporting from one red dot to the next when the player chooses to travel towards the lake/hills on the top right. I’ll probably be moving these objects around all over the place as I make this game so I’m wondering how I can reference the location of the dot and then have the backpack move to the referenced location.

I can use as much hand-holding as possible, thank you.

It seems like you’re trying to use a waypoint system in Unity. If you are looking for the easiest way to move like that then I’d recommend iTween’s Visual Editor paths. The dots would just be aesthetics and not actually do anything, but that’s better as moving between dots would mean going in a straight line between all of them.

iTween is available on the Asset Store here. There’s also a tutorial on how to use it for paths here.