How can i make artificial gravity for Kinematic Rigidbody?

Hello peoples.
I wanted to know if there was a way i can make a rigidbody character have gravity in a zero gravity environment.

I am using a rigidbody that is kinematic because it does not bounce back when it collides with another rigidbody. But now i cant use rigidbody.velocity because i get an error saying object must be non-kinematic dynamic.
Anybody have a workaround?

Thanks, love Sprinkles c:

i think you most use non-kinematic rigidbody and for less bounciness use physicmaterial

Umm I am pretty sure kinematic makes the object stationary so no there isn’t a way around it and why can’t you just turn on gravity for that object and turn it off for all the other ones?

private void Update()
if (isMoving)
groundTrans.Translate(Time.deltaTime * downSpeed * Vector3.down);

I have an object to do like so. Have Rigidbody on it and it’s toggled with isKinematic. I figured out that I can do a trick like acting as gravity effects the object. Of course, maybe there could be better ways but I just get things done :smiley:

My object had “Mesh Collider” and was not Convex. Unity does not support any more non-Kinematic objects with non-Convex Mesh Collider. So I found this way to handle the situation…