how can i make drag and release (like billiard games) ball control

i wanna make drag and release or however it calls ball control system. also i want to do the big drags makes ball go faster. sorry for my bad english :))) pls someone help me about it… thank you so much

There’s a couple ways of doing this. Here’s one.

  • Make sure your ball has a rigidbody
    component, you’ll need to apply
    forces to it.
  • Be ready for a lot of troubleshooting when multiplying the force times the delta.magnitude of mouse distance from original position.

Here’s some code in C# to get you started:

Vector3 delta =;
Vector3 lastPos  =;
	void Update()
		if ( Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) )
			lastPos = Input.mousePosition;
		else if ( Input.GetMouseButton(0) )
			delta = Input.mousePosition - lastPos;
			Debug.Log( "Delta Distance From Starting Position : " + delta.magnitude );

			//multiply delta.magnitude times the force you want to apply to the ball and bam! magic!