How can I make grid tiles/plane transparent

Hello guys.
I have made a grid using multiple planes. Now I want to place a image on this grid so that user cant see the grid I have made and I ll have access of all points of the image using grid.

The problem is I am unable to place image on it, it shows me grid that I made before. I have tried Materials/Shader → Transparent/Diffuse, but some blocks are still visible. How can I make grid tiles transparent ?

Setting Transparent->Diffuse tells Unity that if the texture happens to have some transparent parts, actually make them transparent, instead of just white. So, it will work if your texture happens to be completely transparent.

Probably set MainColor’s alpha to 0, in the material, using the Inspector. That will make any texture completely transparent. If you want a square to turn faint blue when it’s selected, use a small white texture and play with MainColor in code (faint blue = (0, 0, 1, 0.25), etc… .) I’m assuming you have the big picture “behind” the see-through boxes.

If you never want to see the squares, remove the MeshRenderer. The collider will still be there, for raycasts or whatnot, it will simply skip the entire draw step.

Default Unity planes use a mesh collider, which in theory is slower. Their plane has 200 tris, but it might use some shortcuts. Very short cubes do the same job as planes and might run a little faster (they use box colliders.)