How Can I Make My Baked Lights Look Exactly like Still Dynamic Lights?

I am attempting to improve the performance of my simple, isometric mobile game by baking the lights. When I bake the scene, the shadows look much worse.

I’ve created a simple test scene to exemplify my question. Note that in my actual game, the differences are even more severe.

This is how the scene appears with dynamic lights.


This is how the scene appears with baked lights:

I much prefer the sharp look of the unbaked lighting. My Lighting Settings are as follows (Note these are the defaults):

In Lighting->Scene, I have

Skybox: Default-Skybox

Sun: The lone Directional Light in the scene

Ambient Source: Color

Reflection Source: Skybox

Resolution: 128

Reflection Intensity: 1

Reflection Bounces: 1

Precomputed Realtime GI: Unchecked

Baked GI: Checked

Baked Resolution: 100

Baked Padding: 2

Compressed: Checked

Ambient Occlusion: 0

Final Gather: Unchecked

General GI:

Directional Mode: Directional

Indirect Intensity: 2

Bounce Boost: 1

Default Parameters: Default

Atlas Size: 1024

Fog: Unchecked

Try to set your light source settings to baked and static. It helped me.