How can I make my character after hitting a wall?

I am super new to Unity (first day) and am had coded this program where a little robot moves around randomly . It is on a plane with walls on the sides(cubes).

I want it to not be able to go through the walls. Here is the robot’s script:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class RobotMovement : MonoBehaviour
private Vector3 movement;
private Rigidbody rb;
private int Health;
private float xvel;
private float zvel;
private float xacc;
private float zacc;
void Start()
xvel = 0F;
zvel = 0F;
xacc = 0F;
zacc = 0F;

void Update()
  if (xvel > 0.1)  {xvel = .1F;}
  if (xvel < -0.1)  {xvel = .1F;}
  if (zvel > 0.1)  {zvel = .1F;}
  if (zvel < -0.1)  {zvel = .1F;}

  xacc = Random.Range(-0.01F,0.01F);
  xvel = xvel + xacc;
  zacc = Random.Range(-0.01F,0.01F);
  zvel = zvel + zacc;


void OnCollisionEnter(Collision Collision)
  if (xacc > 0) {xacc = -1F;}
  if (xacc < 0) {xacc = 1F;}
  if (zacc > 0) {xacc = -1F;}
  if (zacc < 0) {xacc = 1F;}



Thank you so much! I have not been able to find an answer on the internet.

hi, i would suggest a standard solution using unity physics. Having a rigid body and a collider on your robot game object and a collider on the walls and floor plane would be enough. And be sure to use Rigidbody.MovePosition to move a Rigidbody.